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What is the PowerBuilder Developer's WebRing?

This WebRing has been designed to provide easy navigation between the vast amount of Powerbuilder information available on the World Wide Web. I've found the search engines available to be useful up to a certain degree. I'm hoping that this WebRing will be a better starting point for the PowerBuilder developer.

What's New?

October 2, 2002

Andrew Maddox, the Tulsa PB User Group member who took over the PB Webring administration duties from founder Bob Kawasaki in 1999, is ready to take a break. Bruce Armstrong and Terry Voth of TeamSybase take over maintenance of the ring.

October 1, 2001

Yahoo!.com releases control of the WebRing service.

October 11, 2000

Yahoo!.com has taken-over/purchased/bought-out the previous owners of the people who provided the WebRing service. Some of the features we previously enjoyed are not currently available, i.e. site information, individual maintenance, etc. If you wish to change your ring configuration, we will have to drop your site from the ring and re-instate it as a new member. As far as I can tell, old site ID #'s are no longer applicable. If you have any questions or know of any dead WebRing links please contact me.

May 13, 2000

The PowerBuilder Developer's WebRing has a new home here at the Tulsa PowerBuilder User Group.

May 12, 2000

The PowerBuilder Developer's WebRing will be moving soon! Check back for more details.

October 4, 1997

I tried to clear up instructions regarding the process for submission and acceptance into the WebRing. I have also added 3 new options to Navigating the WebRing. There is a link to the WebRing Home Page, and two links that allow you to view some of the statistics kept by the WebRing.

September 23, 1997

With much help from David Levine (david_levine@opcenter.net), we have ourselves a new and improved logo. Okay enough with the booing and hissing, but this should be it for awhile. I think the new logo is a lot more web site friendly (we're not taking up as much real estate as we were before). It is also a lot closer to the standard banner graphics you find on most web sites. For the WebMaster's who are already part of the ring, please change your HTML fragment ASAP.


August 21, 1997

Well, we were off to a slow start, but after a brief delay I think we're ready to rock. The PowerBuilder Developer's Web Ring is armed with a NEW logo and javascript fragment to include on your site.


July 19, 1997

The PowerBuilder Developer's WebRing makes it's debut. Several webmasters have been contacted and invited to join the Ring. Here we go...


How to Join

  1. If you have a PowerBuilder related site on the World Wide Web, you are a candidate to join the PowerBuilder Developer's Web Ring.
  2. Make sure your site meets the following criteria:
    • Your site must have something to do with PowerBuilder.
    • Content is important. We're trying to deliver a resource for developers.
  3. If your site qualifies, go to the webring join page to register your site.
  4. Once you register, I will receive a notification of your submission. I will reply with a mail message containing the URL where you will find the HTML fragment needed to generate the PowerBuilder Developer's WebRing graphic/javascript depicted below. Once the fragment has been added to your web page, please send me mail and I will add your site to the WebRing.

Navigating the WebRing